What are Connect Groups?

Connect Groups are one of the most vital components for how we carry out the mission of The Connection and glorify Jesus Christ. We see that when people can regularly meet, they can develop authentic relationships. Every group is focused on answering questions and growing together by sharing the gospel. And due to the friendships that are built and the centrality of focusing on the gospel, this empowers us to dwell in community with one another, and empowers us to seek to reach our local community.

Below are profiles of the groups we currently offer. If you would like to contact us, and/or have more questions about Connect Groups, please click on "Learn More About Connect Groups" at the bottom of the page. 


Connect to Christ

Facilitators - Bret and Betsy Simmons

Please come study the gospel with us as we live, learn, and laugh together.

If you're interested in joining us, click here.


Jesus Freaks

Facilitator - Sonj Helms

The name says it all, this is a group of freaky people who really do love Jesus! There is always great discussion, a great sense of community, and plenty of laughter. 

Join us Wednesday nights at 6:30 at The Connection.

Jake & Shelby (left)

Jake & Shelby (left)


Faciliatators - Jake & Shelby Steffen

Our small group offers a place for you to experience biblical community by discussing questions that you might have, as well as listening to what questions other group members may have. We enjoy hearing what other people have to say about any given scripture, and this has helped us to better understand the bible and to grow as Christians.

Join us  on Thursday nights at 6:30 at The Connection.