Kids/Youth Ministries

Krista (2nd from left) & family

Krista (2nd from left) & family

Kids connection

Director: krista dill

“My hope is that, through Children's Ministry, all children will learn and acknowledge the saving grace of Jesus Christ. I want Kid's Connection to be a group of children who are always seeking and drawing knowledge of Jesus through reading their bibles, asking questions when they don't understand something, and creating lasting relationship with each other and their teachers. Children's Ministry help The Connection by teaching children the truths of the Bible, Thus creating in them hearts that will want to serve and lead in whatever ways they are capable.”

Grades (2 classes): K-3rd, 4th-6th

Meets: sunday, following corporate worship

Tyler & Savannah Fauber

Tyler & Savannah Fauber


director: Tyler Fauber

“MY HOPE IS THAT Regeneration exists to bring glory to Jesus Christ through the sharing of the gospel, igniting of passion for the Lord, and the training and discipleship of youth.”

grades: 7th-12th

Meets: wednesday @ 6:30pm

Location: the Connection