Connect Groups

Discipleship doesn’t stop at the end of the lord’s day service. Connect groups help us to put our faith into practice, ask questions we may not normally ask, and lean on fellow believers to find sound, biblical answers to our questions.

connect groups help us to be, as paul directed in his letter to the church at philppi, of [the] same mind…same love, being in full accord and of one mind.

Connect Groups meet throughout the week at the connection.


Relationships (1).jpg


real relationships with others are not superficial, they are built by gathering and truly caring for others. connect groups help bring us together to learn from one another and strengthen the relationships of those in our groups.

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The gospel

our mission of returning to the gospel is ever before us. we keep the gospel in front of us in each connect group. we ask hard questions and turn to scripture to guide us. the word of god is our directive and our focus.

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as we build relationships and gather around the gospel, connect groups take on a life of their own. there is a real sense of community amongst each group. This community cultivates disciples and prepares us to go out continue the mission of the church.